Monday, July 23, 2012

We made our way up to Deltaville from Hampton, VA.  We fueled up and went for a quick walk through the boat yard identifying the boats on the hard that we had seen in the Bahamas or en route from the Bahamas.  The next day we motored up to the Solomons and stayed at one of our favorite guest docks.  The guest dock is close to Safina, another Caliber 40 owned by Dennis and Carolyn Chandler.  Dennis and Carolyn invited us to dock there and join them for a sumptuous dinner on their screened in porch overlooking the water.  We may be slightly prejudiced but all the Caliber owners we have met so far have been a pleasure to spend time with.  It was fun comparing our sailing adventures in the Bahamas.  We saw them too briefly in Georgetown.  We also talked some potty talk - Vacuflush that is.  We all love the Vacuflush when it's working but Carolyn has a much better working knowledge of hers - having had multiple experiences assembling and disassembling Safina's Vacuflush.  The Vacuflush eliminates the need to manually pump water in and out of the boat's toilet.  It has a vacuum tank that sucks the contents of the toilet out with a sometimes startling implosion and then electrically pumps out the tank re-establishing the vaccum for the next flush.  The Vacuflush uses a small amount of fresh water instead of the odor laden saltwater that most marine toilets use. But enough potty talk.  The Chesapeake is a wonderful cruising ground.

A typical Chesapeake Bay lighthouse -
moved and preserved in the Solomons

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  1. Hi guys, you may not have heard, but the Deltaville Maritime Museum burned last Wednesday.,0,2194730.story

    Hope your weather is kinder than ours.